RS Ultra Paramotors

RS Ultra Paramotors - the “Kangook”paramotor
The RS Ultra Kangook is an original design that is gaining popularity because of its quality, comfort and safety. The Kangook paramotor is proudly made in Quebec Canada and is backed by the very best customer service.

Their latest model is flown by experts and beginners alike.

Here are some of the highlights when you purchase a RS Ultra Kangook paramotor:

  • Not a copy but an original design from experienced paramotor pilots who want to fly the best.
  • Strong yet light weight
  • Affordable price
  • Quality craftsmanship
  • Interchangeable cage sections
  • They use high quality materials that don’t rust.
  • Upgradable options and accessories such as the KX1 basic trike
  • RS Ultra are made up of owners that stand behind their products, answer questions and care about getting you flying their gear that they are so passionate about!

Below are the features of the Kangook paramotor:

The Rs Ultra Multi Fit frame:

The frame is made from high quality square aluminum tubing that is stronger than the traditional round tubing currently used in building paramotors.

Each frame is made using a jig to ensure each frame is exactly the same. This is critical when you need to replace a new cage section. It fits!

The frame is designed to take different attachment points. Not all pilots like the same hang points so RS Ultra has designed a frame that does them ALL.

Each frame is the same except for the individual custom made motor mounts that are ordered once the pilot chooses their engine. This allows you to use the same frame if you decide to change engines or upgrade down the road. Very Smart!

Easily mountable wheels called the KX1 basic trike or 4 wheel Kaud fit the multi fit frame within 5 minutes turning your paramotor into a flying mini plane with wheels.

The Harness:

Out of all the paramotor harness I have tries the RS Ultra Kangook harness is by far the most comfortable. It has every adjustment option available to have  accustom fit and has built in speed system pulleys. It fits every body type perfectly. Side pockets and the under the seat pocket are a bonus.

The harness sits off the ground giving you clearance, stability and ease of strapping in. The harness is protected by the paramotor by a black plastic cover preventing wear and tear. It also allows the harness to slide giving the pilot a better chance of slipping into the harness after take off.

The Gas Tank:

It’s big so you never have to worry you won’t have enough fuel! The 16 litre gas tank is in a well-placed position to allow easy fuelling and good weight balance. The gas tank is also marked to allow the pilot to see how much fuel is left. A smaller 9 Liter tank is also available to reduce the weight usually used in the Kangook lite model.

The Cage:

Quick, easy and strong. Comes in two sizes. The cage is made from only 3 identical cage sections that protect the pilot and the paraglider lines from the spinning propeller. Identical cage sections makes it very convenient to swap out cage sections and assemble. If you are travelling with your paramotor the cage becomes compact and easy to transport. The regular kangook three part cage is built to offer the best protection and strength as a double ring cage. The kangook lite version is a surprisingly strong single ring cage built for the light weight enthusiasts.


Comfortable and works well with different sized hands. Good grip and simple bicycle style throttle that works well with any engine you choose. It is reinforced near the top where most throttles bend and fatigue. The throttle comes with a cruise control option for long extended flights. The best part is the flush mount kill button that is easy to use but doesn’t get in the way.

Time to BUY?

Buying Check List-Choices you have when buying an RS Ultra Paramotor

Cage size?

130cm or 146cm double ring cage- Most pilots choose the 146cm size to give them extra propeller clearance for a 48 inch propeller. The 146cm cage size is suitable for the 51 inch propeller and smaller props.

Right or Left hand Throttle?

Most people choose left hand throttle so they can do other things with their ``good`` hand like throw a reserve or take a pictures with a camera.

Electric start throttle or Regular throttle?

If the motor you choose is electric start then you need to specify you need the electric start throttle.

Harness Size?

Medium, Large or Extra Large. Most pilots fit the large.

Gas Tank?

9 litre or 16 litre

Attachment system? All attachments can be used on the same frame so if you want to try out another system in the future you can. If you are confused to what is best for you contact James.

Fixed Jbar-most common and easiest to use.

Low swing arms-pilots coming from a paraglider background like these.

Swan arms-solid stability with weight shift. Similar to the j bars but they move.

Intermediate swing arms-good for use on a trike and offers weight shift.

Over the shoulder bars-good stability and high hang points.